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Since 1991 KN identifies and supplies professional personnel, executives and sales managers. With our office located in Bad Homburg in the outskirts of Frankfurt Main, the financial and business centre of Germany, KN has successfully provided professionals and managers for a large number of leading national and international corporations.

 Your Needs are Our Challenges

 Understanding clearly our client’s individual needs is the first priority of our professional services. Our Senior Management and our Partners all have long lasting professional experience in various industry and service sectors and different functional responsibilities before they joined KN. This clearly enables us to analyse and understand your specific commercial and technical needs, thus ensuring to provide the appropriate professional staff and executives matching your needs and expectations with a maximum of efficiency.

Further to this, we maintain a permanent professional in-house training programme for our Partners and Search staff, which allows them to keep pace with the newest developments in the market trends and to better service your requirements.

 Whether you require experienced executives, highly skilled permanent staff or project staff on permanent or temporary contract basis, KN is prepared to supply you with the best .

 Our Track Record

 The following list may give an exemplary overview of the wide range of areas, in which KN has supplied permanent and contract staff and executives:

 ·         Data Base design, development and implementation for manufacturing and retail companies

 ·         Different management positions

 ·         Data Base and Systems administration – for Oracle on Unix Platform

 ·         SAP specialists for different industries

 ·         Projectmanagers

 ·         Customer Care& Billing systems specialists for telecommunications systems provider

 ·         Professionals for front and back office systems for banks, FX and derivate Dealers

 ·         Professionals for Object Oriented Analysis and Design and Programming(OOA and OOD)

 ·         Marketing Management

 ·         Medical experts

 ·         Finding agents for different areas, ww

 ·         Building up or strength sales organisation from the scratch

 ·         Rebuilding complete sales organisation, finding sales executives and Account Managers

 The stages of the selection process

 We carry out the work in three stages. The time to complete each stage depends on the nature of the assignment. The process starts with the briefing session, an analysis of the business and employment environment and a discussion on the aspects of the search. Once we identified potential recruits, we contact them by phone. Discussions with candidates – normally between 10 and 20 interviews for each position – dominate the second stage. As a further control measure, we follow up each interview with further research into the individual´s background and achievements. In the third stage, we present three or four short-listed candidates to you. We are also available for consultation during the negotiations.

 First Stage:

 ·         briefing

 ·         analysis of the business and employment environment

 ·         discussion on the aspects of the search

 ·         elaboration of search procedures

 ·         indentification of potential recruits

 ·         making contact

 ·         initial report

 Second Stage:

 ·         interviews

 ·         research

 ·         background informations

 Third Stage:

 ·         comparative assessments

 ·         presentation

 ·         consultation

 ·         contract negotiation